11 Year Old George Weiksner Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

11 Year Old George Weiksner Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

George Weiksner is an 11-year-old kid who is interested in cryptocurrency and what he can build with the blockchain technology. His enthusiasm for video games and the thought of trying to move achievements between different video games was what actually inspired him to design Quarters, a cryptocurrency token that is based on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum network, with the aim of it becoming a universal digital currency for video games. According to him, he hates it when the currencies he buys and wins he achieves are trapped in games and are useless in a different game. He would like to create something that will be able to traverse between objects and accomplishments in video games.

Meet Little George Weiksner, CEO of Quarters

George Weiksner

George Weiksner is in the sixth grade and lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut from where he goes to school in the Greenwich Country Day School, also in the state of Connecticut in the United States of America. George’s idea was borne on the day his father, Michael Weiksner explained the whole concept of digital currencies to him. Immediately, George remembered his money that is trapped in video games that he no longer played and thought to himself, why not use this money in another game? He pitched the idea to his father, Michael Weiksner, and Pocketful of Quarters was conceived with Michael being the CEO.

Pocketful of Quarters

George asks a question, “Why can’t you use your coins from one game in another?” This question led him to invent a currency that would serve as a utility currency between different market and game platforms. According to the Pocketful of Quarters whitepaper (See whitepaper here) he aims at being able to utilize the gems from Clash Royale in Candy Crush.

Michael Weiksner said that little George kept asking him when they are going to have an ICO. In January, the Weiksners pitched their project to some cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Bagatelle (A place that organizes an event which is known as Crypto Mondays on Mondays. At Bagatelle, cryptocurrency investors and developers of the blockchain ecosystem meets to discuss ideas). This was the place that the Weiksners got their first positive response about Pocketful of Quarters.

Two tokens were created on Ethereum. The first one, a utility token is called ‘Quarters’, while the second, which serves as an investment cryptocurrency for the Pocketful Of Quarters ICO is called ‘Q2’. According to the description of the utility token, the Quarters have a fixed value of 0.25 US dollars per token. This implies that each player can get four Quarters for $1. Furthermore, if a player stops playing and making use of the available Quarters, the player can decide to trade the Quarters for ether.


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