ABC of Cryptocurrency Slangs Explained

Ifunanya Okolie

Hi, I'm Ifunanya Okolie and I'm on a blockchain diet. A Front-End developer by day and a cryptocurrency snoopy by night. When I'm not playing around codes on my computer, I'm checking up new music on Spotify or having the conversation on love, death, and life at

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4 Responses

  1. Kizito says:

    Amazing content! Thank you!!!

  2. Victor Udeh-Martin says:

    Can I use the same wallet to store IOTA Coins and Bitcoins? Also, how to I buy and store Altcoins? Thanks

    • Thank you, Victor. There’s no software wallet that does this now.

      It’s probably not going to take long before a software program is written to allow one to be able to save multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet.

      However, I will be making a post on how to use cryptocurrency wallets and how you can buy and store your altcoins.

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